American Airlines Cancellation

What Is American Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy ?

Nowadays, every airline is in the aim to expand its business by customer retention programs. And these programs just only book the passenger's seat to earn money but do not cooperate with them in times of need. But, this is will never happens with American Airlines. Being the world’s major airline and also is counted in the top airline's list does not leave passengers on their own. 

The officials at American Airlines understand that when anyone reserves a seat with them they are accountable in resolving all their issues. Also, they are so understanding that they know passengers may face issues when traveling hence have introduced a managed travel option for them so that they can choose to manage their reservations. This option can be used when any passenger is stuck because of unforeseen situations. 

So, if you are also such a passenger who wishes to cancel your flight then you must first refer to the American Airlines Cancellation Policy that is mentioned below. 

Referring to the Cancellation Policy of American Airlines!

  1. If a passenger has canceled his flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket then he can cancel his flight and will not be asked for any cancellation fee. 
  2. The cancellation fee is asked when passengers cross 24 hours of purchasing the ticket and want to cancel the flight. 
  3. This cancellation fee is not fixed as it depends on various factors like destination, type of your travel, etc. However, it starts at $ 200. 
  4. To cancel the flight or to check the refund status passengers can choose a managed travel option that is available on the official website of your travel companion. 

After referring to the points related to the cancellation policy, passengers may make wise decisions when choosing to cancel their American Airlines flight. However, if you do not know how to cancel American airline flight ticket then you can refer to the steps below.

Simple Steps to Cancel American Airlines!

  1. Land on a web browser and head over to the official website of American Airlines from the search bar at the top. 
  2. Tap on “Manage my Travel” option from the navigation bar at the top of the page and proceed further. 
  3. A new screen gets displayed in front of you where you need to enter booking or reservations details and last name and tap “Next”. 
  4. When the itinerary details get displayed in front of you, tap on the booking and choose the “Cancel Reservation” option. 
  5. Enter the reason and confirm your cancellation. You will be informed by the email that was entered at the time of booking.

Further, if anyone has any kind of query then he is free to get in touch with American customer support that is 24/7 active. 

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