How Do I Contact Alitalia?

How Can I Contact Alitalia Live Person Via Customer Service ?

When you find it come problem while using any service of Alitalia Airlines, you don't need to worry about it. The airline gives you multiple channels to connect with a customer service team expert. Also, if you wonder about contacting Alitalia customer service number as you don't know anything about it, you can go through this post. Here you will get all information to get in touch with a representative of customer service.

For Booking and Purchasing a Ticket

When you need some information to make reservations on Alitalia or want to buy a ticket from the United States, you should dial +1(802) 216 2178. The representative of the Alitalia Live Person customer service number team will help you with flight booking. No matter if you want to book a domestic flight ticket or an international, the support team provides you the best deal to travel.

Dial 89 20 101 from Italy. You can book tickets anytime as this number is accessible 24 hours a day on seven days of a week.

Besides, to book tickets from other countries, you have to go to the nearest Alitalia Office.

Special Assistance and Web Assistance

  • If you're calling from the United States, you should dial +1(802) 216 2178 to get help.
  • Dial (+39) 06 656402 when you need assistance from Italy.
  • If you are trying to contact from other countries, you should contact the nearest Customer Relations Office.

Customer Relation Services

When you want to give feedback or complaint about your travel experience with the Alitalia Airlines flight, you can use the online tools to do so:

From the United States

You can drop an email at to submit your feedback and complaint.

Also, you can fax to +1 212 903 3568.

Besides, you can dial the toll-free number to get in touch with a support team member. Dial +1(802) 216 2178 and contact the customer center.

From Italy 

You can call the Alitalia customer service phone number by dialing (+39) 06 656402. Once you dial the phone number, you can get all information about any of the service of Alitalia Airlines. Moreover, you can book tickets by dialing the number.

Social Networking Platform

Facebook -

Instagram -

Twitter -

Get Instant Help from Customer Service Immediately

After going through the above information, you will no longer worry about contacting a customer service team member. You can choose any of the desired options to get in touch with the support team member. Moreover, the best way to get help from the customer service team is to make a phone call at the Alitalia customer service number. It is the phone number with 24*7 availability and you get help from experts. 

How Do I Get in Touch With Alitalia ?

Alitalia is the Italian airline that is connecting 100 destinations across the globe with its air travel services. It has customer support that is committed to provide you with the adequate support.

Contact Alitalia Via Call

  • After obtaining the phone number of the airline, dial it to contact its support team.
  • Face the IVR and follow its commands to connect with its 24/7 Alitalia customer service.
  • Call from Italy, USA or any other local office nearest to you and speak with its live person.
  • Talk to him about your issue on call and provide all the official details relevant to it.

Contact Alitalia Via Email

  • You can also drop an email to Alitalia support and submit your feedback officially.
  • Enter the valid details to define your issue and provide its relevant information.
  • Send the email and wait for sometime to obtain the reply from them and finish its process.

If you are still thinking about the doubt that How Do I Get In Touch With Alitalia  Try the chatting method that is provided by the social media platforms. You can connect with the official to know about the flight deals or other information from the customer support of this airline.

How Do I Contact Alitalia By Phone ?

Though it is very rare to see an issue with Alitalia flight booking, you can connect with the support team to get help. From flight reservations to check-in to baggage, you can get help for any service. Also, the customer service team is available in different modes of communication; you can connect with the technical expert to get help. Moreover, you can go through the given information to connect with the support team on a single phone call.

  • To begin with, dial the Alitalia customer service phone number.
  • Next, choose a language option to connect.
  • Further, you hear several options to get help like new reservations, manage a booked ticket, and cancellation.
  • Depending upon your choice, you have to press the number on the dialer.
  • In this way, your call redirects to the designated representative.
  • It may take a few minutes to connect with a representative, be on the phone call.
  • Once you're in touch with an expert, you can discuss the problem and get solutions.

With this, you will be able to get help on a phone call. Also, you will no longer wonder how do I contact Alitalia by phone. So, dial the customer service number and get immediate help without any hassle.

How to Contact Alitalia Customer Service Number ?

Alitalia Airlines is one of the major airlines which is the largest airline of the region of Italy and provides its services to different international and domestic locations. It has been recently developing a lot of measures in terms of improving their services and increasing their hospitality division.

If you have a booking or a reservation with Alitalia Airlines and you have a set of queries for which you feel the need to get in touch with the customer support team of Alitalia but you don’t have an idea on how to get in touch with the Alitalia Customer Service team, no worries the below mentioned points will help you to do the same in a hassle free manner;

Contact Alitalia Customer Service Team

The below mentioned points will help you to get in touch with the customer support team of Alitalia in a hassle free manner;

  • With the help of your web browser, login or continue as a guest on the official website of Alitalia Airlines.
  • Once the home page loads, check whether or not it is in a language comfortable to you or else change it.
  • Locate and click on the ‘Support’ option which you can easily find on the top right corner of the page.
  • It will then open a drop down menu consisting of different options.
  • Click on ‘Alitalia contact numbers in the world’ if you are not contacting from the region of Italy or else the official phone number for the Italy region will be displayed.
  • On the following page, in the search section input your region and proceed.
  • The official phone number will be then displayed with the timings and the days mentioned in front of the region.
  • You can then make a phone call to the official phone number.

Initially, you’ll be welcomed by an IVR, once the queue gets clear a live representative from the customer support team will connect with you.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned points one can easily contact Alitalia Phone Number in a hassle free and timely manner.

Social Media Support

You can also get in touch with the support team of Alitalia Airlines with the help of their social media platforms like;






You can contact the support team of Alitalia Airlines with the help of their social media support pages as well which are mentioned above in a hassle free manner and continue.

How Do I Get a Refund From Alitalia ?

If you are eligible to a get refund from Alitalia, then you will have to fill the refund request form by entering the required details related to the booking. You can also make a phone call to Alitalia customer service phone number at  1-802-216 2178 where you can apply for a refund on a cancelled flight and also resolve the other queries related to refund. 

What is Alitalia Reservation Phone Number ?

Alitalia Airline is an airline that has created a great reputation for itself in the market of Airline. You just need to book your flight on their official website and that is it, after that, you’re ready to experience a great onboard service by Alitalia Airlines. However, a service provided by the airline is not limited only till the onboard services. Good airlines make sure that they give good off board service too. That is the reason, Alitalia Airline provides great customer support department to its customers. So, if you have made Alitalia reservations, or if you want to make one, or after making the reservation, you’re facing some issue, then you just need to call the customer care department of Alitalia Airline and it’ll be all sorted out. 

Steps to get in touch with Alitalia Airline by call: 

  • Open the official website of Alitalia Airline. 

  • On the top right corner of the website, you’ll see the option of “Support”. 

  • Tap on the button of “Support” and some new options would come up on your screen. 

  • Under the sub-heading of “Contacts and Assistance”. Tap on the option of “Customer Center”. 

  • A new page would open on your screen. You’ll see many numbers, and you would need to choose one according to your convenience.

  • Dial the number that you have chosen, and select the right options related to your query. 

  • Soon, your call will be directed to the right executive. 

That is how easy it is to get in touch with the Alitalia Airline customer service. However, at times you can even connect with them through email. 

Steps to get in touch with Alitalia Airline by email:

  • Open the official website of Alitalia Airline. 

  • Click on the “Support” button. A new menu would open on your screen. 

  • Tap on the option of “Contacts and Assistance”. On the new page, you’ll come across several email addresses of Alitalia Airline. You just need to select any and send your query on that. 

I hope the above-mentioned steps have sorted out your query regarding Alitalia Phone Number. Have a nice flight.

 FAQ of Alitalia 

How do I contact Alitalia by phone?

If you need assistance related to reservations or services provided by Alitalia, then you can contact the customer service team by phone after dialing Alitalia Phone number 1-802-216 2178 where the live representative 24/7 available to provide effective assistance on the different sorts of queries related to Alitalia.

How do I get in touch with Alitalia ?

If you have any kind of problem regarding the Alitalia, then you can get in touch with the customer service team through the below options and get the required assistance:

Via Email: You can fill an online form at the official Alitalia website and the customer service team will revert to your provided contact details.

Via Phone: By dialing the Alitalia customer service phone number, you can directly speak to a live person and obtain the best in class assistance on all sorts of problems or queries.

Can You Cancel Alitalia Flights ?

Yes, you are allowed to cancel your Alitalia flights within 24 hours of the scheduled departure where the first 24 hours of purchase will be free to cancel and after that, you will be charged a cancellation fee that depends on the cancellation fee of Alitalia. You can cancel your flight either online through Manage Booking at or by making a phone call.

How Do I Contact Alitalia UK ?

If you need any sort of assistance in the UK regarding the Alitalia, then you don’t need to worry at all as you can dial Alitalia customer service phone number UK on 03335 665544 or +39 06 65649 and directly get in touch with the customer service team in the UK for getting the best in class assistance on all kinds of queries whether it’s reservations or other. 

How Do I Change My Ticket on Alitalia ?

If there is any kind of sudden changes in your travel plan and you want to change your flight, then you can easily change it online through the Manage My Booking page after entering the booking number and last name. You can also change your flight on Alitalia after dialing their phone number at 1-802-216-2178 where the customer service team will help you to change a flight in a simple manner. 

Are Drinks Free on Alitalia ?

Yes, Alitalia provides complimentary free drinks even in the Economy Class and it always depends on your flight’s duration. You will get a free complimentary drink if the duration of your flight is more than 11 hours. You can either check these things during the flight booking or contact the customer service team at Alitalia for better and relevant assistance. 

How Do I Contact Alitalia ?

Do you have any questions regarding the services provided by Alitalia? Or you have any other kind of query? Then you can dial Alitalia customer service phone number at 1-802-216-2178 directly talk to a live representative to resolve every single query that you confront during or after the reservations as the team is every time available to provide the assistance. 

Are Alitalia Refund Issued ?

Alitalia issue refunds to all the eligible refundable fares and it may take up to 7 business days if you purchased with a credit card or if you purchased via cash, then it may take up to 20 business days to process your refund request. 

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