How Do i Get My Southwest Callback ?

How Do I Request a Call Back From Southwest Airlines ?

There are times when the customer service team of Southwest Airlines is busy enough to respond to your call. In such a case, asking the customer service to provide you a call back will work. Now, you must wonder How do I get my southwest call back, whose answer is forthright. There are plenteous ways by which you can ask Southwest customer service to provide you a callback. Once they call you back, get a perfect solution to any of your queries in no time.  

Ways to Get a Call Back From Southwest

If you encounter any problem with your Southwest booking, then rush to customer service immediately. You will get the solution ideally. Also, you can apply for the call back through any available way. Given below are some of the methods provided for your help. Check them out.

  • The primary step is to take out your phone and dial the desired number of Southwest Airlines.
  • You will hear some IVR options.
  • Look for the options that will connect you to the customer representative.
  • Press that desired number.
  • Wait for 1 to 2 minutes till the customer representative gets connected over the call.
  • Till the time your call will be on hold.
  • If the waiting time is too much and you are not comfortable with the hold timing, dial your phone number.
  • The customer representative will call you back on your provided phone number.
  • The second option is to press the desired number that says “Request a callback.”
  • You will get this option on the IVR options after dialing the customer service phone number of Southwest Airlines.
  • Once you press the desired number to get a callback, the customer representative will provide you a call back immediately.
  • The third option is to go to the official web page of Southwest Airlines.
  • On the home page, look for the option of “Contact Us.”
  • There you will see a form for the passengers that you have to fill.
  • Provide your phone number in the desired box.
  • After succumbing to the form, you will get a callback.

Can You Call Southwest to Book a Flight ?

You can resolve any of your issues by getting in touch with the customer service team of Southwest Airlines. They are available through various ways for you to provide you solutions. Some forms are email, phone, live chat, community, social media, and post. 

Email Support

  • Open your desired email account.
  • Tap on the option of “Compose Mail.”
  • Write your queries or issues.
  • Hit the “Send” button.
  • Wait for the reply with a proper explanation.

Phone Support

  • Dial the desired number of Southwest Airlines on your phone.
  • You will listen to some IVR options.
  • Press the number that led you to the customer representative.
  • Talk with them and get your answer immediately.

Live chat support

  • Open the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Move forward to the “Contact Us” section.
  • You will see a chat icon.
  • Click on it to start your chat.
  • Type the issues or queries that you want to resolve.
  • In return, get the perfect answer.

Social media support

  • Open your social media account.
  • You can open your Facebook or Twitter account to get in touch.
  • Tweet or message your issues on messenger.
  • Post your issues publicly.
  • Wait for a specific time and get the solution.

Join the community

  • Open the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Move to the “Contact Us” section on the home page.
  • There you will see multiple options to get connected with the customer service team.
  • Click on the “Community” option.
  • Write down your issues publicly on the page.
  • Wait for some time and get a suitable reply.


  • You can post your issues or queries.
  • Write it on a piece of paper.
  • Write the issues that you are facing.
  • Post it on the desired address of Southwest Airlines.
  • Take out the address from the official website of Southwest Airlines.

So, these are all about How do I get my call back from Southwest Airlines, where you can perform the steps as mentioned earlier and get a call back instantly. Also, there are several options available 24/7 to resolve any of your issues. You can raise any query related to your booking, check-in, baggage, cancelation, seat selection, and many more. 

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