How Do I Upgrade Seat to Business Class in Austrian Airlines ?

How To Upgrade Your Seat to Business Class in Austrian Airlines ?

Austrian airline is one of the best airlines, in terms of providing service to its customers. Talking about its seat upgrade, you can use any of its options to upgrade your seat. If you are thinking of how to upgrade seat to business class You can read the detailed information below till the end.

Several ways to upgrade your seat to business class in Austrian Airlines

Upgrades for a fixed price: If you have to travel in a higher class, you can book a fixed price upgrade after completing your booking. You can upgrade for a fixed price before 48 hours of departure

Bid upgrade: If you have already made a reservation in economy or premium economy class and want to travel in higher booking, you can offer a bid at your price to upgrade your seat. You can bid before 72 hours of departure.

Upgrade with miles: If you are one of those who collect miles, then you can use your miles to upgrade your economy class to higher class. You can upgrade your seat using miles directly at the check-in desk at the airport or via local miles and more service teams.

Upgrade in online checking: IF you decide to go with the last-minute upgrade, you can book your upgrade via my booking section up to 47 hours before departure.

Last-minute upgrade at the airport: If you don’t get time earlier, you can also upgrade your seat at the last moment by taking to plane staff or crewmember, or at the check-in counter, etc

How Do I Upgrade Seat to Business Class ?

To upgrade your seat to business class, you can follow the steps below.

At first, go to the official website of the Austrian airline

Locate my booking section, enter the detail to retrieve your bookings, and check availability

Click on the tab upgrade flight; you will get all the flight detail in your route 

For a fixed price upgrade, it will be available 48 hours before departure, and for a bid price, you have 72 hours before flight departure

Select the flight you have to upgrade and also the desired option for every fight

In case of fixed price upgrade, click continue

For Bid price upgrade, enter the amount you want to pay and click the tab continues.

Now it’s time to complete payment, enter the payment information and confirm the purchase or submit your bid offer.

You will get the confirmation mail soon once the upgrade is confirmed

How to upgrade your seat to business class So using the above information, you can now upgrade your seat to business class easily. If you encounter any problem, you can always speak to the customer support team of Austrian Airlines.

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