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What is JetBlue Airways Cancellation Policy And Cancellation Procedure

Passengers who made the reservation through JetBlue have one thing in common while they are cancelling the reservation that whether they will get the refund they want and what is the cancellation fee they have to pay.

In this article, we have discussed all these points in details and if one is about to cancel the ticket of JetBlue airlines then this article is for them to read before they start cancelling the JetBlue reservation.

Cancellation Policy of JetBlue Airways

  • The Jetblue Airways Cancellation Policy states that no cancellation fee is charged to those passengers who revoke their reservation within 24 hours of the purchase of the ticket.
  • Those passengers who are cancelling their reservation after 24 hours are bound to give the cancellation fee and to ascertain the cancellation fee route of the flight plays a crucial role.
  • If JetBlue Airlines is itself cancelling the flight then they will not charge anything from the passenger and in this scenario, every passenger irrespective of the type of ticket will get the compensation.
  • If the passenger having refundable ticket needs to cancel the ticket then he will receive the refund if the cancellation is made before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • A person wants to request for refund against the reservation after cancellation then he can do this by visiting the Manage Booking tab of the website of JetBlue Airways.
  • If the person having the reservation in Blue Basic Fare Class then he will not be permitted to cancel the ticket or to get any refund on the cancellation of the reservation.
  • The passenger needs to call the customer service of the airlines for cancelling the ticket if they are travelling with Blue Extra Fares for the cancellation of the reservation.
  • Non-refundable JetBlue tickets holders need to pay 90% of the total ticket amount as cancellation fees of the reservation.
  • A passenger flying in Blue Extra Fares Class will receive a complete refund in the period 3 weeks.

Ways to Cancel the Flight Ticket in JetBlue Airways?

  1. Visit Website. Go to the website of JetBlue Airways navigate to the Sign-in section located on the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Validate Flight Cancellation. Click on the option of Manage Flights and select the flight which you want to cancel, validate the flight cancellation.
  3. My Trips. The first step remains the same and the user needs to visit the My Trips section and click on the option of Manage Travel of the flight and give details about the Confirmation Number & Surname, click on the option of Retrieve Booking.
  4. Calling to cancel. A person can also make a direct call and give the confirmation number & credit card number which is used for making the reservation.
  5. Travel Agency. If the person booked the ticket through a travel agency then the cancellation of the booking can be done online by visiting the section of My Trips.

A passenger will save $25 (US) if they select the online process for the cancellation of the reservation or Jetblue Airways Cancellation can also be done via the Mobile app of JetBlue Airways. A person can contact the JetBlue customer centre for further assistance.

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