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What Are The Rules For Spirit Airlines Cancellation ?

Are you aware that canceling a booked ticket on Spirit Airlines is approved in unfavorable conditions? However, Spirit Airlines presents undoubtedly clear terms for canceling a flight with them. At the same time, the cancellation process of Spirit Airlines is also quite reasonable. Therefore, whenever you wish to cancel your booked flight with Spirit Airlines, you have the opportunity to acknowledge its terms & conditions from this page. On the other hand, the complete procedure for canceling a Spirit airline booked flight ticket successfully is additionally described on this page. Hence, go through the information below to understand the cancellation policy of Spirit airlines as well as the procedure.

What Policy Does Spirit Airlines Follow For Ticket Cancellation ?

The rules described as per the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy presents a fair idea about the effects after canceling a pre-booked flight ticket with them. Therefore, in case you don't have specific knowledge about the cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines then get more precise details from below.

  • According to the 24 hour ticket cancellation policy of the Spirit Airlines, you get the opportunity to cancel a booked flight ticket freely within the 24 hour period from booking time
  • Spirit Airlines let you cancel a flight ticket even after crossing the 24 hour time limit, nut then you also have to pay an extra amount of cancellation fee to them
  • Moreover, Spirit Airlines cancellation policy also describes the importance of refund request submission as you will get back the cancelled ticket fee after that only
  • Moreover, the cancellation fee charged by the Spirit Airlines for cancelling a booked ticket online is 90 dollars. On the other hand the cancellation fee for applying via reservation support number or at the airport is 100 dollars each

How Can You Process the Ticket Cancellation With Spirit Airlines ?

Moreover, the Spirit Airlines cancellation process provides the exact formula for canceling a pre-booked flight ticket favorably. Although you are entitled to cancel a ticket by contacting its reservation staff yet, the online cancellation is more flexible. Therefore, the online ticket cancellation process of Spirit Airlines is as instructed below.

  • First of all, you must visit the official web page of the Spirit Airlines
  • Next, move towards the My Trip section and a new window will appear
  • Now, enter the passenger’s last name in the dedicated field
  • Then, type Booking confirmation code in the next box
  • Next, hit the continue button to open all the bookings
  • Hereafter, choose an individual flight from the list
  • Now hit cancel button given next to selected flight
  • Therefore, Spirit Airlines will send you a notification for cancelled ticket confirmation

So the most appropriate details related to the flight cancellation with Spirit Airlines are given above, hence you can follow as instructed whenever you need. In case you have more doubts about the ticket cancellation rules offered by Spirit Airlines or any other such reservation service, contact its customer service team for assistance

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